Who really understands your policies and procedures?

Policies and procedures are present and necessary in every organisation. Whether a simple fire drill or a complex product development activity, in one way or another they affect each and every employee and have a significant impact on the success of a company. Employees often view policies and procedures with negativity; however, they are an important type of business process.

I'd like you to take a few moments to reflect on your company's procedures:

  • Who is responsible for them?
  • How complete are they?
  • Are they well defined?
  • Are they fully understood by all who use them?
  • How are they communicated within your business?

These are questions which often go unanswered, but which suddenly become relevant when something happens requiring the procedure to be reviewed. This could be an external audit, new management or a noticeable change in the operation of the business. Whatever the trigger, the result is often the same:

  • There is no documented evidence of the policy
  • It is not being adhered to
  • It is out of date
  • It is not understood

Epistemics have long recognised that these problems are inherent within many organisations and so we have developed a solution. Using advanced knowledge acquisition and modelling capabilities we can capture your policies and procedures, whether they are formally documented or passed on by word of mouth through generations of employees. This captured knowledge can then be reviewed, refined and correctly authorised. Most importantly, we can then publish these newly authorised policies in an easily understood and accessible manner.

Consider the example of a company expense policy. At face value, this may seem like a trivial task, but what would be the benefits if every employee, no matter how long they had been with the company or where they were located could quickly and easily:

  • Use the correct expense form?
  • Understand the approval process?
  • Access the approved expense policy document?
  • Comprehend the benefits and reasons for having an expense policy in place?

Even taking this simple, universal process in isolation, immediate benefits can be quickly realised. Multiply this by the total number of policies and procedures within your organisation with their ever increasing complexity and it soon becomes clear how the use of knowledge acquisition tools and techniques will provide immense business benefits to the whole organisation.

This is just one example of how Epistemics are addressing real-life problems and in doing so helping your business meet its key objectives.

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Last modified: 12 March 2008