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Navigation Options

This site can be navigated using several methods:

  • Use the Site Navigator shown in the left-hand pane. This operates as a browser tree:
  • Click on the text items to view the relevant web page.
  • Click on the plus symbols to expand branches.
  • Click on the minus symbols to collapse branches.
  • Click on the "Expand" button to expand the whole tree.
  • Click on the "Minimize" button to collapse the whole tree.
  • Use the Search facility by clicking on the button at the top of the screen. (See below for details).
  • Use the A-Z Index (button at the top of the screen) which gives a list of all the pages on the site.
  • Use the Home button (at the top of the screen) to return to the home page.
  • Click on the hyperlinks in each web page.


When the Search button is clicked, a search dialogue box will appear.

The search dialogue allows you to find pages in the web that contain words or phrases.

Type the word or phrase you are looking for and click "Go".

  • Any pages that contain the word or phrase will be displayed in the list box.
  • To view the page double-click on an entry.
  • The entries are displayed by title of the page and the first phrase that was found.

Options on the search page allow you to:

  • Set the maximum number of pages to be searched - it is sometimes useful to limit the number of pages to be searched as the search can take a long time.
  • Use a case sensitive or case insensitive match by setting match case or no case
  • Match the complete phrase only - which is useful to avoid finding huge number of matches for common sequences of letters

The search engine supplied will only search the Epistemics web site.

NOTE: The search engine requires a "Java -enabled" browser. If you are using an old version of a browser, the search facility may not work.


The Feedback option allows you to comment on the contents of the web site or any other information you would like us to know about. 

To send us your feedback:

  • Click on the "Feedback" button at the top of the screen.
  • A form will appear in the main (right-hand) pane.
  • Fill-in the form, ensuring that the fields marked with an asterisk ("*") are all filled-in.
  • Click the "Post Article" button.

Your comments are very much appreciated and actions will be taken as appropriate.


This option allows the current content of the main (right-hand) pane to be displayed in a new browser window. This is useful if you want a larger area to view the page.

Last modified: 20 July 2004