Trafficmaster Traffic Viewer

In the Trafficmaster project, Epistemics helped produce the intelligent control-room video-wall viewer for Trafficmaster's National Traffic Data Centre in Milton Keynes.

Epistemics' expertise was used to enhance the presentation of dynamic, real-time traffic information on a large scale.

The Trafficmaster control-room system, designed by Telematica, allows the viewer to be attached rapidly and seamlessly. The viewer interfaces with the control-room system's database and disseminator functions to render live, UK-wide traffic information.

Telematica Systems Limited specialises in the application of electronics and software technology to the development of leading-edge products and systems in the rapidly growing areas of Advanced Traveller-Information Systems (ATIS) and Advanced Traffic-Management Systems (ATMS).

In line with Telematica's policy of rapid development of new products and systems, they utilised Epistemics to help produce the intelligent control-room video-wall viewer. 

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Last modified: 20 November 2003