The European Steel Design Education Programme (ESDEP) involved the automatic generation of linked web-site pages from existing documents and multimedia material.

Epistemics worked on ESDEP for the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), which is probably the world's largest research and technical organisation supporting the use of steel in construction. Subject-matter experts were provided by Sheffield University.

Between 1988 and 1995, ESDEP produced a wide-ranging set of teaching material with the objective of advising teachers and students in the best practice in steel construction. The material contained 2000 line diagrams, 1000 slides and 21 videos, the set of 201 lectures in ESDEP contains a complete encyclopedia of the role of steel in construction.

The software developed automatically parsed the lectures and multimedia material to produce a linked and contented web site using a simple set of derived rules. A small amount of manual correction was required to produce the final product.

This software component was added to the WIVISS system.

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Last modified: 20 November 2003