BSCM 98 and 99

The British Steel Construction Manual (BSCM) was developed by Epistemics for British Steel.

The 98 version of BSCM was delivered on CD to almost 20,000 users. The product contained a sample of the technical literature available from British Steel.

The BSCM divides into seven broad parts of design, photographic material, case studies, products, steel standards, contact information, and publications. The information is delivered using a modified instance of your systems' Internet Browser accessing local or remote information.

BSCM also offers the BlueBook++ server which provides constraint-based searching of the Steel Construction Institute's Blue Book publication to provide section properties and member capacities. The server can also be used to supply this information to ODBC web compliant applications.

British Steel Construction Manual 99 extended the 98 version with more information and use of newer internet technology.

One of the more interesting aspects of the project was the introduction of re-distributable component objects for some of the products. These COM objects and the accompanying server were made freely available to interested developers to provide support for British Steel products.

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Last modified: 20 November 2003