My Grid

EPSRC funded e-Science testbed

MyGrid is a bioinformatics project led by the University of Manchester in collaboration with the Universities of Southampton, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield, The European Molecular Biology Laboratory, and industrial partners GlaxoSmithKline, Merck KGaA, AstraZeneca, Sun Microsystems, IBM, GeneticXchange, Epistemics and Network Inference.

Project Aims

MyGrid is a grid-based project aiming to design, develop and demonstrate higher level functionalities over an existing Grid infrastructure that support scientists in making use of complex distributed resources. The project will develop an e-Scientist's workbench that supports:

  • The scientific process of experimental investigation, evidence accumulation and result assimilation
  • The scientist's use of the community's information
  • Scientific collaboration, allowing dynamic groupings to tackle emergent research problems

The workbench will support individual scientists by providing personalisation facilities relating to resource selection, data management and process enactment.

Scope and Contribution

The project is being carried out in the rapidly expanding field of bioinformatics, a field which has makes great demands on computing power and data storage, and is often carried out by distributed participants.

Epistemics contribution to the project comprises knowledge management software and associated technical support, in addition to knowledge management consultancy.

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Last modified: 20 November 2003