Meta-Pack is a knowledge-management toolset allowing you to construct flexible ontologies modelling any domain and populate those ontologies at a later time on the fly.

Typical uses are to capture best practice or construct structured knowledge maps, for example during 'brain storming' sessions.

Meta-Pack includes four integrated tools:

  • Protocol analysis tool
  • Laddering tool
  • Matrix tool
  • Annotation tool

The pivotal tool in Meta-Pack is the Matrix tool, which features all the functionality of the Matrix tool in PCPACK v4.

Meta-Pack includes form designing and charting. Information is stored in a database compatible with Microsoft Access or SQL. Data can be imported and exported from PCPACK v2.

Meta-Pack Knowledge Manager was developed by Epistemics with the assistance of Unilever plc.


  • Supports development of flexible ontologies
  • User defined data entry forms and charts
  • Capture 'Best practice' in the field
  • Get structured knowledge from 'brain storming' sessions
  • Detect knowledge gaps
  • Export data to MS Access and PCPACK
  • Knowledge desktop allows project data overview
  • Full hypertext annotation of all objects


  • Meta-Pack runs on Windows 95, Window 98 and Windows NT.
  • Meta-Pack is designed to be used on notebook computers that can be carried in your briefcase. You don't need to take notes and then 'return to base' to enter data. Clients and/or experts can verify information as it is being captured.


Single user license: 600

Other Products: PCPACK, IKAT

Last modified: 5 November 2004