Training Services

Epistemics can provide tailor-made training courses in Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management. These courses often include modules in knowledge acquisition, knowledge modelling, and the use of our software products.

We are committed to designing training courses that match the experience, requirements and context of the course participants. Thus, we work in collaboration with an organisation to design and deliver training courses relevant to the organisation.

Course Content

Training courses can cover such areas as:

Epistemics can also provide extended training and support, equipping an organisation's employees with the skills required to perform knowledge management internally.

As well as designing and delivering training courses, Epistemics has considerable experience in producing training systems.


To view some of the organisations that have had training in knowledge acquisition from Epistemics, click here.

Example Projects

Some examples of training projects on which Epistemics have designed and delivered courses are:

Go to: Training for Rolls-Royce

Go to: Training for Airbus

Go to:  Training for Scottish Amicable

Other organisations that have benefited from our training courses include British Steel, DSTO, Health and Safety Executive, DERA, Unilever and various universities.

Other Services:
Knowledge Management services, System Development services, Research services

Last modified: 5 November 2004