System Development Services

Epistemics can develop software systems that help an organisation to organise and access knowledge. Epistemics ensures that each system is attuned to an organisation's knowledge, information and training needs, whether it be:

  • a website (intranet or internet)
  • a CD-based or web-based training system
  • a custom knowledge engineering solution (such an expert system)

Our consultants ensure an effective system is developed in an efficient manner, by making use of:

  • Knowledge toolkits, such as PCPACK, to acquire and model the knowledge required for developing knowledge systems.
  • The CommonKADS methodology, a recognised standard for developing knowledge-intensive applications.

Epistemics' Knowledge Management services help to identify knowledge requirements within an organisation. Often, information technology can help employees access the knowledge they need and when they need it.

Example Projects

For security reasons, we cannot describe the extensive work Epistemics have undertaken on the development of knowledge-based systems for the British and American defence research agencies (QineticQ and DARPA). Some examples of other system development projects on which Epistemics have provided services are:

Other Services:
Knowledge Management services, Training services, Research services

Last modified: 20 November 2003