Knowledge Management Services

Epistemics can help an organisation to identify and manage its knowledge resources.

Knowledge is a vital resource in every organisation, but it is difficult to identify and quantify. Maximising the potential of an organisation's knowledge involves locating information assets and making sure that key employees can utilise them effectively and efficiently. Knowledge Management consultancy helps to analyse how knowledge is used within the organisation and provides solutions to the problems that prevent the organisation from making the most of what it knows.

Epistemics uses the latest knowledge acquisition, modelling and management techniques to:

  • Identify areas where knowledge is used within the organisation
  • Locate problem areas where knowledge is under-utilised
  • Make knowledge explicit for access by employees in ways that suit their work practices

Our consultants are experts in the CommonKADS methodology for Knowledge Engineering and Management. CommonKADS is the recognised standard for developing knowledge-intensive applications.

With our system development services and our publicly available products, we can provide knowledge technology to support knowledge management initiatives, such as creating intranet systems. In addition, our training can equip employees with the skills they need to satisfy future Knowledge Management requirements.

Example Projects

Some examples of our Knowledge Management projects are: 

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Other Services:
System Development services, Training services, Research services

Last modified: 27 November 2002