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The main goal of PEGASUS is to develop a new and highly-innovative methodology for organisations working in the automotive industry. The project is specifically aimed at integrating engineering and new processing concepts.

Project Aims

Pegasus will:

  • Develop a new Integrated Design and Engineering Environment (IDEE) based on KBE (Knowledge Based Engineering) for organisations supplying the automotive sector.
  • Support the 5-day car concept and facilitate the integration of functions, processes and materials into a single industrial process.
  • Integrate knowledge from within the new supply chain concept allowing organisations to co-operate and provide a quick, high-tech and customisable service directly to the car maker at a lower cost.
  • Provide an innovative, flexible process configuration unit on demand that combines the latest moulding technologies adapted through the IDEE to each component's requirements.
  • Make use of nano-particles in colouring technology to avoid additional painting.
  • Develop 'disassembly on command' components by expandable (nano) adhesive particles.

Scope and Contribution

Epistemics contribution to the project comprises knowledge management software and associated technical support, knowledge acquisition to support the development of the IDEE, knowledge engineering/management consultancy and workpackage management.

Pegasus Partners

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Acteco Addcomp Aimplas
Epistemics Bax Bostik
EuPC FhG-IC Jacob
Osowaplast LMS Plasdan
QS-Grimm Rapra Schneider
TNO TUDelft UMinho

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