Tool Launcher

The Tool Launcher is available as part of PCPACK4 and PCPACK5. It is an active HTML page that provides a simple means for the user to perform various basic operations without opening any of the tools directly.

The tool launcher allows the user to:

  • View and open the tool contents of a currently open knowledgebase, e.g. all the ladders, diagrams, protocols, matrices that have been created are shown and can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlink
  • Create new ladders, protocols, diagrams and matrices
  • Access the help files

Once open, the user can simply click on the appropriate hyperlink in the tool launcher to perform an operation or view a particular ladder, protocol, diagram or matrix.

The launcher is dynamically updated so lists of tool contents will be updated whenever a new ladder, protocol, diagram or matrix is created.

When using a MOKA ontology template, ladders and diagrams may be categorised as Formal or Informal. These will be listed in separate sections in the launch page.

Tool Launcher

Last modified: 9 March 2006