Download a fully operational demonstration copy of PCPACK giving 60 days of free evaluation.

PCPACK5 is a comprehensive suite of knowledge tools that support the acquisition, analysis, modelling and publication of knowledge.

PCPACK5 is a network application that allows knowledgebases to be stored and accessed by multiple users over a network. Each user has defined access rights that allow or restrict their ability to edit and view certain knowldgebases. For example, a user can be allocated full access rights, edit-only rights, read-only rights or website-only rights.

The management of knowledgebases is controlled by a central administrator (called a Tool Administrator) who handles version-control of knowledgebases.

PCPACK5 has been developed as part of the ongoing development of PCPACK to satisfy the requirements of large organisations that require multiple users of a single knowledgebase. PCPACK5 is currently being used by numerous knowledge engineers at Airbus and BAE SYSTEMS.

If you are familiar with PCPACK4, then the major additions are the Admin Tool and the Equation Editor


There are 10 tools in PCPACK5: 5 acquisition and modelling tools, and 5 specialised tools.

Acquisition and Modelling Tools:

  • The Protocol Tool is used to analyse a transcript or other text document.
  • The Ladder Tool is used to construct hierarchical diagrams.
  • The Diagram Tool is used to construct network-style diagrams.
  • The Matrix Tool is used to construct two styles of matrix.
  • The Annotation Tool is used to create web-style pages for each knowledge object.

Specialised Tools:

  • The Admin Tool is used to access and manage knowledgebases. This tool is not included in PCPACK4.
  • The Publisher Tool is used to create websites.
  • The Diagram Template Tool is used to create templates used in the Diagram Tool.
  • The Equation Editor is used to create equations for use in the Annotation Tool. This tool is not included in PCPACK4.
  • The Tool Launcher is a wizard tool allowing easy access to the other tools.

The way in which the 10 tools interact is shown in the diagram below.


Further Information

For more information on PCPACK5 please contact our sales team at Tacit Connexions.

Last modified: 1 Jan 2009