The Acquisition and Management of Knowledge:
Capitalising on your Investment in People by
Capturing and Sharing their Expertise

This half-day seminar is presented by Dr Nick Milton, Chief Knowledge Architect at Epistemics and author of the books Knowledge Acquisition in Practice and Knowledge Technologies.

Target Audience

The seminar is aimed at directors and senior managers wishing to understand how the knowledge of experts can be captured, shared and managed in the most effective ways.

Seminar Topics

  • Establishing the difference between information and knowledge
  • Identifying the different types of knowledge
  • Explaining how knowledge can be acquired from experts, documents and systems.
  • Showing how formal knowledge models can store knowledge
  • Explaining how formal knowledge models can be used by experts, non-experts and other systems
  • Using case studies to show how visionary companies are deploying integrated knowledge systems
  • Establishing the short-term and long-term business benefits of deploying an integrated system to acquire and manage knowledge

Seminar Programme

The seminar comprises four presentations and time for open discussions.

1. Introduction to knowledge and acquisition strategies
This presentation will explain the difference between information and knowledge. It will also identify the different types of knowledge and how they can be captured from different sources of knowledge such as experts, documents and systems.

2. Sharing knowledge with other experts, users and systems
Having incurred the cost of acquiring knowledge the next step is to maximise the re-use of the knowledge by sharing it with other experts, non-experts and systems.

3. What can we learn from case studies?
A number of visionary companies are using integrated knowledge systems. Case studies will be used to understand what can be achieved and how it was achieved. The case studies will draw on the work done for world-leading organisations including Airbus, Rolls-Royce and QinetiQ.

4. Business benefits and implementation strategies
Companies are using integrated knowledge systems to address critical business issues and are achieving significant business benefits. The successful deployment of the solution, firstly, needs to balance the deployment of the technology and the introduction of a culture that values and shares knowledge. Secondly, the deployments need to deliver real business benefits.

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Last modified: 12 March 2008