PCPACK v2 (version 2.11) is a portable package of integrated tools for requirements and knowledge engineering.

PCPACK v2 allows you to capture requirements from different sources, analyse knowledge from multiple viewpoints and structure it in a variety of forms ready for application development. All information is held on the machine, providing a permanent record of your work.

From the moment knowledge acquisition begins, PCPACK v2 improves productivity and quality. First, import the source materials: interview transcripts, case data, company manuals and so on. Next, capture and verify the knowledge with the expert. Induce rules from data, identify and relate key concepts, document control and information flow, develop hypertext guidance material. On-line help reminds you how to apply these techniques. The resulting structured knowledge is available as a permanent record, tracing it right through from source material to application code, useful in validation and maintenance.

PCPACK v2 was developed by Epistemics under contract to the UK's Defence Research Agency under the technical direction of Profesor Nigel Shadbolt.


Until 2002, PCPACK v2 was Epistemics main knowledge acquisition and modelling product. In recent years, PCPACK4 and PCPACK5 have been released which offer superior performance in most areas of functionality and improved user interface.


  • Requirements and knowledge analysis
  • Eleven integrated tools
  • Multiple viewpoints of the same knowledge
  • Hypertext annotations
  • Fast knowledge capture
  • On-site knowledge elicitation


PCPACK v2 runs on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows emulators running on Apple Macintosh Power PCs and Unix.

PCPACK v2 is designed to be used on notebook computers that can be carried in your briefcase. You don't need to take notes and then 'return to base' to enter data. Clients and/or experts can verify information as it is being captured.

Other Products: PCPACK4, MetaPACK

Last modified: 5 November 2004