Organisations Trained by Epistemics

The following organisations have had training from Epistemics. The training typically takes 3 days and includes modules in knowledge management, knowledge elicitation, knowledge analysis, knowledge modelling, project management and the use of PCPACK software. Two of the organisations (Airbus and Rolls-Royce plc) have each had over 150 employees trained in this way.

Technology and Commerce:

Past Projects  Airbus (UK, France, Germany and Spain)

Go to:  BAE Systems

Past Projects  Corus (formerly British Steel)

Past Projects  GKN

Past Projects  Health and Safety Executive

Past Projects  Kappa Ice (France)

Past Projects  MDTVISION (part of IBM)

Past Projects  Prudential

Go to:  Rolls-Royce plc

Go to:  Scottish Amicable

Go to:  SCYSIS

Go to:  Solass

Go to:  Stilo

Go to:  Unilever

Research and Academic:

Go to:  Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Go to:  QinetiQ (formerly DERA)

Go to:  Cranfield University (Industrial and Manufacturing Science)

Go to:  University of Manchester (Computer Science)

Go to:  University of Southampton (Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group)

Go to:  University of Twente (Netherlands)

Go to:  University of Warwick (Manufacturing Group)

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Last modified: 17 June 2003