System Development Projects

Epistemics can provide various system development services for its customers and collaborators.

For security reasons, we cannot describe the extensive work Epistemics have undertaken on the development of knowledge-based systems for the British and American defence research agencies (QinetiQ and DARPA).

Some examples of the other projects on which Epistemics have developed knowledge systems are:

Go to: TrafficMaster: Epistemics helped produce an intelligent control-room video-wall viewer for Trafficmaster's National Traffic Data Centre.


Go to: Vulcan: Epistemics developed a software system for the analysis of buildings in fire conditions.


Go to: WIVISS, SSEDTA and ATR: Epistemics developed a knowledge-based CD learning system and training modules for civil engineers, structural engineers and architectural students.


Go to: ESDEP: Epistemics developed a system for the automatic generation of linked website pages from existing documents and multimedia material.


Go to: SteelCAL: Epistemics helped in the development of a knowledge-based computer-assisted learning system designed for use by subject experts with little or no experience in the use of computer-based authoring tools.


Other Projects:

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Past Projects Training projects
Past Projects Research projects

Last modified: 20 November 2003