Training for Airbus

Airbus is Europe's largest commercial aircraft design and manufacturing organisation. It is composed of companies in France, Germany, UK and Spain. Airbus UK (based at Bristol, England) was formerly part of British Aerospace.

In collaboration with the Knowledge Engineering group at Airbus UK, Epistemics has developed an intensive 7-day training course for knowledge engineers at Airbus. The course is delivered by Epistemics and Airbus staff every two months. By July 2003, over 120 Airbus engineers had attended the course.

Course Contents

The Airbus training course includes modules in the following subject areas:

As well as presentations, the course includes a number of workshops, quizzes and practical exercises. In particular, trainees spend most of the afternoons engaged in an extended practical exercise.

Epistemics also contributes to a 1-day course for Airbus managers to acquaint them with the basics of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Acquisition.

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Last modified: 5 November 2004