CommonKADS is the methodology that is most commonly followed at Epistemics when developing knowledge engineering systems.

CommonKADS is a complete methodological framework for the development of a knowledge based system (KBS). It supports most aspects of a KBS development project, such as:

  • Project management
  • Organisational analysis (including problem/opportunity identification)
  • Knowledge acquisition (including initial project scoping)
  • Knowledge analysis and modelling
  • Capture of user requirements
  • Analysis of system integration issues
  • Knowledge system design

Ontology Template for PCPACK

If you have PCPACK5 or PCPACK4 installed on your PC (full or demo versions), then you can use a CommonKADS ontology template with it. To download the template, click here.


CommonKADS describes KBS development from two perspectives:

  • Result perspective: A set of models, of different aspects of the KBS and its environment, that are continuously improved during a project life-cycle.
  • Project management perspective: A risk-driven generic spiral life-cycle model that can be configured into a process adapted to the particular project.


CommonKADS is the result of an Esprit-II project (P5248) KADS-II which involved the following partners: Cap Gemini Innovation (France), Cap Programator (Sweden), Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN (NL), ERITEL SA (Spain), IBM France (France), Lloyd's Register (UK), SICS, Siemens AG (Denmark), Touche Ross MC (UK), University of Amsterdam (NL) and Free University of Brussels (Belgium).

Further Information

The CommonKADS text book, co-written by Epistemics director Prof Nigel Shadbolt, is essential reading for those wishing to understand and use the CommonKADS approach:

Knowledge Engineering and Management: The CommonKADS Methodology (2000) by A. Th. Schreiber, J. Akkermans, A. Anjewierden, R. De Hoog, N. Shadbolt, W. Van De Velde & B. Wielinga. MIT Press. ISBN 0-262-19300-0

For more information, you can visit the CommonKADS website.

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Last modified: 22 April 2008