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Epistemics helps organisations to work more effectively by providing solutions that enable their vital knowledge assets to be identified, captured and managed.

The company has developed a suite of techniques and tools that provide for the efficient acquisition, modelling and management of both explicit and tacit knowledge. The world-leading PCPACK software tool allows knowledge to be analysed, structured, stored and then published as websites or for embedding in other IT systems.

Epistemics are also leaders in the latest web technologies such as the semantic web (e.g. RDF and OWL) and web services.

Epistemics has always maintained strong research links with a number of academic institutions, such as the Universities of Southampton, Manchester and Delft, and with various research and defence agencies throughout the world, including QinetiQ and DARPA.

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Software Products...

Epistemics' products, such as PCPACK, provide sets of integrated tools that support activities associated with the acquisition, analysis, modelling, validation, publishing and implementation of knowledge.


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Epistemics uses the latest knowledge acquisition, modelling and management techniques to provide consultancy services in the areas of knowledge management, systems development, training and research.



Examples of Epistemics' projects include:

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