Epistemics is a provider of Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management services, methods and tools.

Epistemics helps organisations to work more effectively by providing solutions that identify, capture and manage their vital knowledge resources. Epistemics' consultants provide knowledge acquisition services either directly to a client or by training a client's staff. Epistemics' system developers create specialised knowledge tools (such as PCPACK), knowledge-based (AI) systems, semantic web services and training software.  More...

Professor Nigel Shadbolt

Professor Shadbolt is Chairman of Epistemics; Director of the Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT) project; Former President of the British Computer Society (BCS); Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering; Emeritus Editor in Chief of IEEE Intelligent Systems,.. More...

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Tacit Connexions: Epistemics have joined forces with business consultants, Thought Leaders, to create a new company, Tacit Connexions,... [More]

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Epistemics has a wide portfolio of clients including multinationals and research institutions. Some examples are:

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